Save the world. One building at a time.

AI and Diagnostics software solutions to operate buildings’ systems and HVAC remotely and automatically. All this while cutting costs and greenhouse emissions.

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"Customers are clearly looking for new solutions, and we are happy to meet those requirements with our new award-winning workhub, Workery+ where we combine superb user experience, sustainability, and wellbeing"

Anders Stenbäck
Anders Stenbäck
VP of Offering and Services at YIT

Software turning any building into a future building. Today.


Intelligent. Fixing and optimizing themselves, reducing the need for manual checkups.

Flexible. Predicting and adapting to changes while maintaining the highest tenant comfort with minimum human intervention.

Sustainable. Not wasting the energy consumed by heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Do you want to know how much energy your buildings are wasting right now?

We can calculate it for you. Let's turn the world's largest energy consumers into future buildings.

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Best solutions to optimize your buildings

The building blocks to transform large buildings portfolios into future buildings.

  1. Cost Reduction
  2. Tenant Comfort
  3. Cut emissions
  4. Property lifetime value
  5. Future-proof
Cost Reduction
Optimize your building KPIs for budget, energy, indoor climate and HVAC across buildings. Cut operative costs and increases the value of the property lifetime value.
Tenant Comfort

Provide the best indoor conditions for tenants. Best conditions result in fewer sick leaves and productive employees – and higher tenant satisfaction and retention

Cut emissions

Provide Net Zero Buildings for forward-looking clients and mitigate climate change. Move beyond attaining a green label (WELL, LEED Green Building, BREAM) to automatically cut emissions. Thus increase future value, build trust, elevate your brand – and save the world.

Property lifetime value

Let AI and Diagnostics take care of monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of buildings and generate a better ROI (Return On Investment) for your portfolio.


Rise above the competition by revolutionizing property operations. Let building software turn slow and costly operations into intelligent, flexible and future-proof assets.

"In today's demanding environment, the best companies are not those who deliver the best building experience, or the lowest operating cost, or the longest building lifecycle.

The bests deliver it all"

Tuomas Pippola
Tuomas Pippola
CEO Nuuka

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