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We transform the real estate industry and save the planet, one building at a time

Nuuka is a building performance software company. We diagnose and optimize building systems and HVAC with AI.

To this day, Nuuka has connected buildings with more than 8 million square meters in 10 different countries, including the greenest building in the world (The Edge in Amsterdam)

8 000 000

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Nuuka was founded by a group of Finnish engineers in 2012 after discovering that the data usage of the real estate industry was underdeveloped and underutilized.

Today, property and city developers face new challenges and look for ways to cut their greenhouse gas emissions while being flexible with space usage.

Nuuka building performance helps real estate owners, developers, retail chains, and cities to lower their environmental footprint, deliver a great indoor climate, save energy, reduce cost, and increase property
lifetime value.

We transform the real estate industry and save the planet, one building at a time.


Are you interested in the real estate revolution?

Nuuka is a building software company on a mission to turn any building – old and new – into an intelligent, flexible and sustainable asset. Our products are designed to help customers cut CO2 emissions, save energy, reduce costs, increase property lifetime value and ensure the best possible living and working conditions.

We’re always on the lookout for talented people wanting to make a real change. We use AI to transform the real estate industry and save the world, one building at a time.

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What other benefits of using AI in buildings are there, besides massive savings in energy and CO2 emissions?

In the latest episode of RealPlay, the Swedish digital TV Channel for Real Estate, Susanne Hedblom from Nuuka was interviewed on the need for solutions to meet the demand for reduced environmental impact and the need for upgrading existing buildings. Watch the clip.

See the full episode here (in Swedish)